Pretending to be Wise, Korea Edition

Originally posted 2011-09-14

I spent three weeks of my summer in Korea, interacting with people from many different walks of life - high school teachers, doctors, professors, college students, high school students. And it eventually came time to say our goodbyes. My first good-bye was with the high school teacher whose class I had taught for three weeks. He was a good man who seemed to really care about his students’ education. We talked briefly about teaching, and at the end, told me that we had only known each other for a short three weeks, and that in all likelihood, we would never see each other again in our lifetimes. He then went on to wish me good luck in my endeavors.

That was to me, deeply profound. It was a poignant statement about the ephemeral, one-time nature of many human interactions.

Then, the hundred other people I said good-bye to proceeded to say the exact same thing to me. That sort of ruined the effect. (You know, just sort of.)

Oh well. Wisdom is difficult to discover, but easy enough to copy.