Hi there!

I'm Brian Kihoon Lee (한글: 이기훈; 漢字: 李基薰).

I'm currently a research engineer / tech lead at Google Brain.

My projects:

  • (2019) I'm TL of a chemistry and machine learning research team investigating olfactory percption [Paper].
  • (2018) I helped launch AutoGraph, a Python to TensorFlow compiler featured in TensorFlow 2. As a byproduct of my pre-alpha experience with AutoGraph / TensorFlow 2, I wrote Effective TF 2 and the official tf.function guide.
  • (2017) I co-created (with Andrew Jackson) MiniGo (a replication of AlphaGoZero) based on work I'd done in MuGo.
  • (2016) I created MuGo, a partial replication of AlphaGo, as a starter project in machine learning.
  • (2012) I started the Collegiate Go League, a competitive league for college Go clubs.
  • (2012) I created ChemWOOT, an online training program to prepare students for the USNCO and IChO, in conjunction with Art of Problem Solving Inc.
  • (2010-12) I mentored students at the USNCO Study Camp in 2010-2012
  • (2007) I won a silver medal at the 2007 IChO in Moscow, Russia.

Essays I've written. My interests include: computer science, math, chemistry, Go, and classical music.

github | google scholar | brian.kihoon.lee@gmail.com