Hello World

Originally posted 2011-05-15

  1. Purpose: This blog will contain my thoughts, discoveries, and analysis of life, the universe, and everything.

  2. Name: The name of this blog derives from my ongoing identity crisis (update here). Who am I and who will/should I become? In an attempt to answer these questions, I have been forced, as Descartes was, to distrust the validity of the circumstances of birth [e.g. nationality, gender, g-factor], my upbringing, my experiences, and others’ opinions. Instead, I must start from the observation that I am evidently the kind of person who seeks the absolute “truth”. I seek, therefore I am.

  3. Original Content: I will occasionally repost material if it has been circulating the internet and is sufficiently interesting. However, the majority of my posts will be “original content”.

  4. Frequency: Once a week? I know many new blogs fall prey to the “three posts, and was never heard from again” syndrome. I’ll try to avoid this.