Why I Write

Originally posted 2015-09-24

I haven’t really written anything on my blog for some time now. I don’t think it’s because I haven’t had anything to write about - I’ve certainly had lots to think about. I don’t think it’s because I haven’t had the energy to write things up. I think it’s because my reason for writing wasn’t there any more.

It used to be that whenever I had something weighty on my mind, it would end up stewing there for months, eventually coming to some conclusion. And then I would write up my thoughts, and post them on this blog. The intended audience for those posts wasn’t anybody but myself. I don’t even know why I posted them, but I did.

Nowadays, when something pops up in my mind, I end up chatting with somebody about it, and we talk at length about it until I reach some conclusion. The impulse disappears. What would have eventually simmered for months until it turned into an essay, now gets resolved within a week. I don’t think I’m personally any worse for it; on the contrary, I think I’m mentally more at ease than I’ve ever been. My blog is definitely for the worse. I find myself looking back over the last two years, wondering what the major events and life changes have been, and realizing that I don’t actually know. So I think I’ll start writing again.

I used to write because I had nobody else to talk to. Now, I’ll write because I want to record my thoughts.